Hi there buddy 🙋🏼‍♂️ welcome to my page 🕺🏻

I know I know... Wooow that's a long name. I asked my mother the exact same question you are probably thinking "Why did you give me this name?" Her answer: I had no say, your father did this to you 😂.

Well thank God we got that out of the way, now let's get to know each other and I will tell you more about Teamtailor. I'm 26 years young, half 🇬🇷 half 🇦🇱 and I live in the beautiful city of Stockholm in Sweden where it's dark in winter, the ☀️ never fully sets in summer and if you are lucky you get a good 2 weeks of good weather during the year. The perfect recipe for madness 🤓 #GOALS 

I have been in sales for the past 8 years and currently at Teamtailor I work as Sales and Business Developer for #TeamInternational🌎. 

I love to talk a lot, like all the time about how cool, funny and good I am at my job 😂 (#BADJOKE) but mainly about my undeniable love for RedBull and my life choices that led me here 😅

Jokes aside, but when I got kidnapped 🔫 by Teamtailor to work for them (Dec 2nd 2018) I was really scared for my life. I got maltreated with around 60 hugs & smiles 🤗, a brand new MacBook Air💻, iPhoneX📱, a bouquet of flowers 💐 (that died on my desk in front of my eyes) and that same Friday with a big welcome afterwork 🥂as a reminder of how awful my life was going to be from now on. I could not understand what had I done to deserve this punishment.

It's going to sound tragic but support, help, development, inovation, inclusivity, diversity, multiculturalism, friends, family, love and acceptance was all I found @Teamtailor. It turns out getting kidnapped is not that bad after all❤️

Light a candle🕯tonight and pray to be kidnapped by TEAMTAILOR


+46 735 088 493

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